In addition to making your dreams come true, we continue to be with you to keep your dreams always the same.

Vegetable Landscape and green areas; Regular maintenance is required for a healthy and long life. For this, we provide a sustainable service with our expert staff, maintenance teams and equipment. We provide periodic garden maintenance services and guarantees during the joint period determined with the employer in order to deliver every job we have started in a quality and trouble-free way.

As Fida Landscape & Construction, we offer the most competent and well-equipped services for your garden and other landscape areas, complete with expert staff. Whether you're in Turkey, where, with our experts we are with you!

The basic condition for taking care of a living thing is to keep it alive in a healthy way.

The way to achieve your dream garden, balcony, terrace or interior spaces is to periodically care for your plants decorating these areas. Garden care can be defined as timely and duly performing processes such as pruning, fertilizing, lawn form, disease and pest control, and irrigation.

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